Fabienne Francotte

Belgium-born artist Fabienne Francotte is currently based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.Let me tell you how I draw,” she says. “Late at night. No light. Eyes wide open. Straight to the point. Like a cat!

Fabienne’s practice began 17 years ago while studying calligraphy. The careful composition of writing demanded a strict, ritualistic approach built on strong gesture and balance. This discipline, along with the rigor of a decade spent at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Brussels under Maurice Béjart, became the foundation of her artistic language.

Today, dense, intentional lines have given way to fluidity in her works. It is her subconscious that directs the movements of her hand. Often inspired by the people she meets Fabienne interprets the chaos of the human condition, unrehearsed. While featuring external, physical features, her works lend insight to the inside of each persona. She reveals an interior human world, at times disturbing, but always beautiful. Through her art, Fabienne becomes an unintentional conduit of the soul. Her portraits are a tale of the daily struggle showing distinctive appearances, expressions, and gestures. Her people are everyday and anonymous.

Why does she draw portraits? Like David Hockney says, “Faces are the most interesting things we see. The point where we go inside people is the face. It tells all.” However, Fabienne doesn’t just draw faces, she draws the head. Faces are about the front of the head. But heads contain the brain and the sense organs. There’s so much more. For Fabienne, drawing is thinking. It is the language she speaks.


Manir Mrittik

Manir Mrittik is contemporary artist from Bangladesh with background of Masters in Painting from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Mrittik mostly produces work as an experimental intervention involving his deep passion and skill on photography. He creates a different level of interaction through his series of photographic works. He is exploring the beauty in human life as a part of nature in a dream-like manner.