The contemporary world is emerging with new conscience that is developing with the newly found sense of individuality and search of freedom. In this process artists employing multiple mediums and are traveling foreign countries and cultures to certify their visionary expressions. This pursuit has undoubtedly contributed to building up a collective understanding of the concept of universe and existence in general. Science, Art, Politics, Economics,    Religion are intertwined today, indicating to a greater picture, a bigger responsibility that mankind has to fulfill for the betterment of surroundings.

Space A, for interdisciplinary art practice, was formed in 2008 with the involvement of Visual Artist, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Musician, and writer to promote interdisciplinary art practice in Nepal. This unique diversity leads to lots of magnificent ideas. Space A is located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a non-governmental autonomous, non-political, and no- profitable Artist Initiative organization with the goal of establishing a stable platform for critical analysis, reflections, open discussions, information exchange, collaboration and interactive communication. It aims at contributing to interdisciplinary contemporary art practices by setting up researches, discursive events, exhibitions, educational, and residency programs.

Objectives of Space A:

  • To disseminate contemporary arts practice of experimental and innovative nature to the general public.
  • To encourage youth in practicing different form of art, which can bring positive changes in the society.
  • To introduce new contemporary art trend and encourage youth toshare, learn and collaborate their ideas and concept. Creator can interact through this which will create platform for creative dialogue and platform for exchange and critical discourse.
  • To bring better changes in the society through creative arts.
  • To assist and develop, forms of art such as media art, performance, video, environmental, public and community based art, sound art, writing and all kind of experimental visual art.
  • To develop experimental visual art in Nepal by means of various programs like workshop, seminars, research and other experimental modes of cultural production.
  • To explore the possibilities of exchanging ideas and knowledge across ethnic, regional and artistic borders.
  • To actively assist, develop and promote new, investigative, and experimental art practices in all media.
  • To support emerging artists and artists from smaller cities/marginal areas.
  • To develop an extensive range projects that articulate interactions between diverse group of artists, photographers, film makers, writer etc.
  • To organize and conduct seminars, workshops, talk and training programs those encourage critical discourse, interaction, diversity, and innovation within art.


What are we doing:
#Research     #Art event    #Art workshop      #Artists’ residency     #Artists’ Presentation

Where are we located:

Space A to:  
  By vehicle 
 By walking 
Public vehicle
1 Tridhuvan International Airport 4.8 km 14 min. 1 hr. 10 min. Available
2 Patan Durbar Square 3.1 km 12 min. 40 min. Available
3 Sanepa 2.7 km 9 min. 35 min. Available
4 Kathmandu Durbar Square 2.5 km 9 min. 30 min. Available
5 Swayambhunath Stupa (monkey Temple) 6 km 20 min. 1 hr. (4.5 km) Available
6 Thamel 3.3 km 12 min. 40 min. Available
7 Bauddhanath Stupa 6.5 km 22 min. 1 hr. 15 min. Available
8 Pasupatinath temple 3.6 km 13 min. 49 min. Available
9 Bhaktapur Durbar Square 12.7 km 30 min. 2 hr. 33 min. Available
10 Nagarkot 24.4 km 1 hr. 10 min. 5 hr. 30 min. Available
11 Siddhartha Art Gallery 76 m 1 min.
12 Nepal art Council 500 m 7 min.
12 Lasanna / Nexus 2 km 6 min. 26 min.
14 Gallery Mcube 2.3 km 7 min. 30 min.
15 Bikalpa Art Cafe 2.3 km 7 min. 30 min. Available
16 Taragaon Museum 6.2 km 21 min. 1 hr. Available
17 National Museum of Nepal 4.5 km 14 min. 54 min. Available
18 National Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) 3.3 Km 12 min. 40 min. Available
19 Department of Archaeology 220 m 3 min.
20 Department of Immigration 2 km 6 min. 26 min.

Trustee/founder :  
Jupiter Pradhan (jupy), Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

Neda Haffari, Writer

Founder (2008): Jabil Manandhar / Narayan Gopal Risal / Peanu Shrestha / Alisha Adhikari