Chang – Di – Cheng (Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Yangjinma Chang, Di Cheng was born in Taiwan(R.O.C.), “張𥣞籈” is her Han name, Style name is Di “笛” (publisher name and artist name) , Dharma name is Karma Yangjin Drolma, also pen name.

She is the first violin practitioner in Taiwan to perform music for the Buddha’s international exchanges and to be secluded place with the violin all the year round. She is also the record of the Buddhist‘s music. She first used the electric sound effect device as the new age violin solo, and used the heard of the Sanskrit music, the dharma instrumental sound, the harmonic resonance, etc. in the music art creation healing, she is good at classical violin, the nature of the original audio resonance fusion of world music style.

At the age of four, she played the piano with her mother, and she started writing song when she was ten, and started to professional stage performance at the age of twelve.

In twenty-three, she played violin to offering three Jewelry contact Buddhism, and visited good knowledge to learn and think from arisal of conditions  Tibetan language Buddhism Nyingmapa. Takgya Rinpoche gave the name of the Tashi Choden, and the guru read a sutra pray and gave a buddha cardand, she never saw him again, from karma mature. In 2007, She gave up everything in the world of secular, and music career, she traveled to visit religious believers, lived in the secluded place for more than 30 places for ten years, she led a frugal and life ascetic, among them, In 2013, it take refuge on the tradition of Karma Kagyu lineage, follow the respect Gonpon Rinpoche to learn Dharma, and for the first time completed the three-year Ngoendro personal practice in the karma Dhargye Choeling Dharma Center R.O.C. In 2016, visit and studying at the Lotus Institute of Chinese Buddhism, Hua Fan University, Taiwan, living in the Lotus Buddhist Monastery to learn to be a net person (kiyohito), She also studied at Dr.Ven Xiu Ci, majoring in East Asian Buddhism music and playing with the violin of the zen song. In 2019, the practice of Kusali began.


Tsou Hsiang-Hsiang – Ela (Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Tsou Hsiang-Hsiang was born in 1990 in Taiwan. Graduate from Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently lives in Taiwan, Tainan. Tsou’s art practice mostly concerned about the relationship between herself and the surrounding environment. Tsou reinterprets the things or scenes that are often overlooked in our everyday lives, making them become strange and mysterious, creating the space between the external world and her inner selves.

Solo exhibitions include: “Holiday Plaza”, Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei, 2018, “Offsite”,
PiaoPiao, Taipei, 2014, “Disappearing Tone”, GaiArt, Taipei, 2013, and group exhibition “NEXT SURPER STAR ”, CANS TEA HOUSE ,Taipei, 2018, “SU Wong-shen with His Young Friends ”, ESLITE GALLERY ,Taipei, 2018, “Yonder / The Lost Future”, Pier-2 Space, Kaohsiung, 2016, “The Crystal Eggs. Mars-Landing / Landing Mars”, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, 2014, “Youth Ridge 2014 Art Star”, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, 2014.