Starting Date : 2019-07-28

Ending Date : 2019-08-03

Venue : The Taragaon Museum, Baudhha road, Kathmandu


Farzana Ahmed Urmi

At the time when I arrived in Nepal, I had no idea in my head. But I was focusing on exploring Nepal. This is my 3rd time in Nepal. But still, it looks new to me. The day I was searching material I found 102 files in one pile. That’s gives me an idea. I thought of doing record Nepal times. After that I started searching for color material .what it could be? And I found the Bar- B- Q machine. I collected all my colors from there.

I did big 11 paper works and that 102 files which I execute on plyboard. The idea was each morning I wake up and start searching for new words, places, love, air, moments of the living period of Nepal time.

I am so fortunate person and I believe in the moment of creation.  The first day when I started, I encounter SHAMBHUNATH TEMPLE from the window of my working place. And I felt connected with it. Last 2 years I am actually searching for something which can make me calm. And that is something which is not even in this world. It’s the power of believing us. And the power I felt inside is the power of ours also.

As an artist, I believe that when we are one it’s more powerful and meaningful to search the truth of realty. Cause most of the time, we are not on the surface of realism. When we live in the present, we think about past, and also our present drive us to the future.

So never do we live in the moment and enjoy our presents. To my belief, nothing is actually real.
Cause whatever is there, it will be not thereafter few moments, and whatever we will encounter will
Be not there afterword’s.


 Mohammad Hasanur Rahman  Reaz

Survival wasn’t a primeval dream for all existing rather only living beings, but now our planet is struggling to survive. Starting to paradox of holographic technology era ascertain life is nothing but an everlasting illusion. Human being are trying to be more powerful than God, so that more evil than the Devil, which ruin the planet with various level of ambiguity over the planet.

Mostly artist don’t exist in a specific parameter in global context and working at the limits of their medium and language, try to apply some of the creative zeal in the social sphere — always trying to push the envelope of sociability and sociality. The emotions on and around life and other sympathetic matters we need to concern ourselves with in order to establish equality, are not about norms. Particular confidence gives me an impression or good reason to create my art works. This confidence derives me to work with my honest emotional expression and live with my own ambience. So the true calling of all artists is to push for more ‘space’, so that the world – both real and imaginary -can be renewed and even regenerated. Outside, the sun shines. Inside, there’s only darkness. The blackness is hard to describe, as it’s more than an indication. It’s a nothing that becomes everything there is.


Mohammad Mojahidur Rahman Sarker

I believe journey is spiritual. The reality, believe and manifestation always put another word its illusion i guess. It’s all about time, space and approach. Nature always inspired by its own way and    the connection between the surroundings change the beating rhythm of heart. Nothing is real – real is nothing is one of my great spiritual journey in Nepal, where I start thinking of new horizontal to perceive theory of art practice in new ambiance. The change really makes me curious and connected with the local culture and people by passing time. Therefore, A body of work can consist with various matter that we keep on carrying is just not a body is apart of the Geo-politics that prevail in the world, just acknowledging it as a facade means only a facade not the totality of the politics.  In fact, this very own body of ours is just like a pawn on a black and white chess board.  Its in charge is on someone else’s hand.  Thereby we don’t have our own original desires or needs.  Whatever we have, is created by someone else.  The political discourse regarding this constructed body the main element of my Artworks. Sometimes the style of expression of art is changeable.  And thus goes on my many multiple interactions with the human body through my Artwork.



Suborna Morsheada

The smells and colors that surround us are my main concern. Though we can’t see the smell or touch the colors we are sure they are always there. Colors and smells are my metaphors to express my feeling in my artworks. To produce my works during my month residency I recall my old feeling, merge with my current one and execute it in two-dimensional works where I tried to use motives and colors of local temples as a metaphor mixed with my feelings. Almost in all of my works, I use stitches as an intimate moment to make my feeling bolder, to touch my work, and to express the work with my body.



Muhammad Emranur Rahman (Emran Sohel)



Syed Muhammad Zakir