Joler Gaan:

Joler Gaan (Bengali: জলের গান) is an independent folk band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established in 2006.

The term “Joler Gaan” consists of two Bengali words which reflect ideals of the band. “Jol” means water and “Gaan” means music or song in Bengali. Together they mean “Music of Water”.

In 2006, the band participated in the World Sufi Festival, Glasgow, Scotland. Joler Gaan also performed around Scotland. They played mystical spiritual songs of Old Masters. Joler Gaan performed in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

  • Rahul Anand – lyricist, composer, vocalist, flutes, clarinet and mandola
  • Mollik Oishorjo – vocalist, hermonium
  • Gopi Devnath – violin
  • Rana sarwar – cajon, percussion, guitar, piano
  • ABS Xem – vocalist, guitar
  • Md Masum Rana – dhol, percussion
  • Dip Roy – double bass, pagli, podma totaban
  • DH Shuvo – Sound Engineer

Embassy of People’s Republic of Bangladesh,  Kathmandu, 15th December 2019:

Millsberry School, Kathmandu,  16th December 2019:

Shilpee Theater, Kathmandu, 17th December 2019: