Starting Date : 2011-01-14

Time : 5 PM

Venue : Saili Restaurant, Babarmahal

Location: PSM Art Gallery, Pokhara.
Date: 25th January 2011

Space A, for alternative art practice, was established in 2008 with the involvement of Visual Artist, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Musician and Writer to promote Alternative Art in Nepal. It is an autonomous, non-political, non-profitable and independent organization. Space A is located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal. This unique diversity leads to a myriad of magnificent ideas from respective form of art. The group is committed in bringing together various aspects of arts and culture to materialize a common ground for innovative art practitioners to share and develop imaginative concepts and vision. Space A aims to disseminate contemporary arts practice of experimental and innovative nature to the general public. It encourage youth in practicing different form of art, which can bring positive changes in the society.

International Short Video Art show is being organized by Space A which is going to be held on 14 January, 2011 at Babarmahal, Kathmandu. ISVAS is a congregation of national & International artists. All together 28 artists are participating in the show. The main objective of this video show is to give alternative space for artists who are seeking for alternative art practice which bring about changes in the society on social, cultural and political levels. It provides an opportunity for national & Int’l artists to explore beyond conventional & traditional art forms to arrive to one’s individual expression. It also helps people to explore creativity through interesting, interactive ways. Space A aims to expand such types of show in a wide range within five years.

-Space A
• Ashim Halder ‘Sagor’
Ashim Halder Sagor (born 1983) is a visual artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2009 he completed his BFA (Hon’s) in Ceramics from the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Ceramics from the same university. He has participated in numerous workshops and exhibitions in Bangladesh, Nepal and Canada. He has done 1st solo ceramics based RAKU exhibition titled ‘Philology of Time’ at Zainul Gallery, D.U. and Annual MONITOR 6: New South Asian Short Film and Video screening at the National Film Board Médiathèque, Toronto, 2010. Ashim’s participation in recent exhibitions includes 14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2010 (organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy), Raku Workshop Outcome Exhibition, 2008 & 2010, Mechanical Fantasy: Print Workshop-2009, Video Art Workshop’s open Studio, 2008 / 09. He has taken part in Britto Students’ Residency 2009 at Rajshahi University & CRAC International Art Camp 2010.

Video Title: Life in dark / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 2’ 11” min. 2’ 08’’

Work synopsis:
A tales about destitute, worthless and aimless people those are detached from all other dimensions of the life and adopted their daily life on the street. This is also become a phenomenon of the daily scenario of Dhaka city. Being a part of regular life they reflect them self as creature from outer space. Along with the deprived and unfortunate people, a notable rich and educated community also involved with this shady surface of the life. They are being neglected from all other pleasant moment of the life as they happy with their own way. The curiosities of banded materials as well as the odium feelings on existence bring them to be part of this dark side of the life. What they will so far, depression and dubious mentality hitch their every moment. Day by day they are sinking and despair themselves to fathom of meaning of the life.

• Saiful Jarnal (Joloj Movie)
Video Title: Genocide goes on / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 6’ 57’’
• Imran Hossain Piplu
Video Title: Graash / Duration: 3’ 44’’
• Joloj Movie
VideoTitle: Oparajita / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 3’ 05”
• Habib Charu
Video Title: Sponsored by / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 3’ 20”
• Rahul Anad
Video Title: Shadow opera / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 1’ 05”’
“Playing with Borders”
Curate by Cecilia Freschini
• Alessia De Montis
Born in Livorno in 1976. Lives and Works between Milan, Bologna and Rome.
She images art as an open space, a global architecture that allows it to translate its owns desirers and needs into images. Her works are multimedia projects developed through the use of photos, videos and installations as well.
Video Title: “Ice_Fire” (“Ghiaccio_Fuoco”) / Year of production: 2000-2004 / Duration: 6’ 23’’
Work synopsis:
She emphasizes the essence of femininity to express concepts far away from a cold spirituality. Her research goes deep into the myth/ritual of the eternal beauty that transcends dogmas and canons, far from fashions and stereotypes.
• Andreco
Andreco was born in Rome. Since 1999 he is researching on the symbolic and mystical world, he attributes to the internal organs a symbolic messages. He likes the impact of the images that communicate a deeper meaning, beyond reality, and are able to stimulate the imagination of the observer. He want to show what the eyes can’t see. Andreco uses many techniques to represent his art, from public installations to videos or large size paintings and drawings. Between 2007 and 2010 Andreco’s videos and animations have been presented in several Italian art academies, video art festivals and art event. Like: “Art shake”, “The Scientist”, “Cyou”, “LPM”, MAPPING festival, “Abstracta” and “Videoart Yearbook 2007″ curated by Renato Barilli and the Contemporary art department of the University of Bologna. For his animations projects Andreco usually collaborates whit the film maker Manuel Moruzzi Hoffman or others musicians / sound artists
Video Title: Organs Play (Sonata D’organi) / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 2’ 08’’
Work synopsis:
[…] To draw person and animal figure with their internal organs, at the beginning was a sort of provocation against the traditional and superficial sense of beauty. It’s a way to underline the existence of a living organism, the complexity and the fragility of a body, that is something different from just a beautiful object. This video sign a evolution in my work, in this video the organs escape from the body and start to play music. The second part of the video in fact is a report of a installation that I made in collaboration with 7 musicians, the “Neil on impression”, for a exhibition in Bologna “Organ Plays”. The musicians were playing in a big black cube made in wood and cotton and the people were all around the cube looking the musicians playing through the black cotton wall, the sensation was as observing the organs in functions under the skin. […]
(From an Andreco interview for the Short+Kort Exhibition publication in Copenhagen.)
About “Organs Play”: “Andreco: I’d give you every organ of my body, I’m a magician with a special skill, which is much more than cutting women in two parts. Each one of my organs has a life of his own, because I’ve got the alchemical formula with which I really own my body, and I’m getting concentrated on yours now. Music!
This video has been shows at:
• Denmark, Copenhagen – Dec. 2010 – Short Kort Exhibition,
• Germany, Berlin – 27 Nov. 2010 – Artshake, 91 Mq Gallery, Curated by Emanuela De Notariis
• USA, New York City, NY – Oct. 2010 – White Rabbit – Exhibition Curated by Samantha Levine
• Italy, Rome – June 2010 – Artshake, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Curated by Emanuela De Notariis
• Italy, Misano Adriatico, June 2010 – Corpografie – C\you, Festival d’Arte Contemporanea di Faenza,
• Curated by Goodwill.
• Italy, Rome – Rewf, Roma Europa web Factory Selectio
• Daniele Giradi
Daniele Girardi was born in Verona in 1977. The artist’s research focuses on exploring and blending different languages in order to conceive a new pictorial territory. His innovative experimentation, that marries traditional painting with digital research, has led to invitations from the critics to take part in numerous group and solo shows, including the 14th Rome Quadrennial in 2004 and the Chromo-Kit project at the Milan Triennial in 2006. In the same year, he won a scholarship for the ISCP program in New York, where he became closely involved with the international artist community. In 2007 he had his American debut with a solo show in San Francisco with Cain Schulte Gallery. In 2009 his video work “Inner Surface” was acquired by the permanent collection at the Palazzo Forti Museum in Verona.
The artist lives and works in Milan.
Video Title: RE-EVOLUTION / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 2’ 34’’
Work synopsis:
This video painting springs from the core characteristic of my research in which I tried to blend reality and vision to achieve a timbric and hybrid mixture. Frame after frame, the video transcends through a work of animation (design and collage), intertwined and merged with real shooting. “RE-EVOLUTION” is a roar of rebellion against progress and its contradictions. The main character mimes a sort of raging dance, thus unfolding a story where symbols and archetypes of contemporary society implode and explode into a frenzy of signs and forms.
• Debora Vrizzi
1975. Born in Cividale del Friuli (Udine), Italy. Lives and works between Rome and Udine She currently deal with photography and video art, and I work as director and cinematographer of short films, commercials and music videos. Her works are the result of research to bring out the ambiguities of our society. She tries to ridicule the diseases that are present in our contemporary world. She used to change her persona from time to time enabling her to become a different character to best suits the situation in which herself is place in. In collaboration with the artist and illustrator Emanuela Biancuzzi I founded the experimental group CianographicSisters ©: duo created to honour the memory of our friend and fellow Piermario Ciani, founder of AAA Edizioni, died prematurely in July 2006.
She took part in many performances, art exhibitions and awards in Italy and abroad.
Video Title: Submergency / Year of production: 2007 / Duration: 1’
Work synopsis:
Dreams that we try to fulfill. Often we clash with reality in which we risk to be trapped in a permanent apnea, knowing how it’s difficult to change our state of mind.
From Monica Piccioni e Bruno di Marino: “…Submergency: Both videos, narrative tableaux concept; images of great visual impact that have their own strength and visual power; narrative crossovers that demonstrate how much Vrizzi has absorbed from her background in cinema, widening her view – thanks to a remarkable skill for the iconographic synthesis – towards the probably wider and more complex field of visual arts and trying to express her own personal imaginary way on a high quality level.
This video has been shows at:
2009 Quotidiana 09, curated by T. Iannotta and S. Schiavon, Padova, Italy (C)
2008 Private View, Officina Ltd, curated by M. Piccioni, offiCina, Factory 798, Beijing, China
VideoArt YearBook, curated by R. Barilli, S. Grandi, P. Granata, DAMS Bologna, Italy (C)
Lelabò, Careof + Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Stefano Coletto selection), Milan, Italy
Official selection at XVI Videominuto POP tv, International Festival one minute video, Centro per l’arte contemporanea, Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy
• Diego Zuelli
Diego Zuelli, born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1979. Attended and succeeded Fine Art Academy of Bologna in 2004, He started his career doing computer graphics. He generated short films, winning with his work partner many international film festivals and awards. Created also music video clips for both young and established musicians. After that, many solo and group shows as video artist, put him in contact with local and European art and video art environment. From 2009 teaches Digital Animation techniques in various Italian institutions.
Video Title: Rotation n.1 / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 2 min. (loop)
Technique: 3d computer graphics / Support: HD720p video, 16:9, Blu-Ray, Stereo audio (sub converted to DVD)
Work synopsis:
Rendezvous with Rama by Artur C. Clarke, A Descent into the Maelström by Edgar A. Poe, L’assunzione della vergine by Correggio (Holy Virgin’s Assumption) in Parma. Artworks titles that have a recall to a direction, a movement, a vector. Straight, rectilinear, ascending or descending. In every case associated with a rotation or a revolution on the movement’s axis. Those artworks describe situations and subjects very different, in times and cultural contests very far from each other. But they have in common some out of the ordinary descriptions of fluids materials (as clouds, or water), depicted far from their usual shape or appearance. Descriptions of plastic, solid and very animated fluids. Correggio’s clouds and Edgar A. Poe’s Maelström are fluid sculptures! Protagonist, not simple background element. The “cylindrical sea” depicted by Clarke is an architecture, a mystery and a presence of crawling life.
• Elisabetta Di Sopra
Elisabetta Di Sopra lives and works in Venice. In 2010 she achieved a Degree in Painting at the Fine Art Academy in Venice. Her artistic research is expressed through photos, videos and installations, intending to investigate the more sensitive dynamics of daily life. She is focused on the female body plays a central role as guardian of his memory and expressive language that in the reality of everyday otherwise escape.
Video Title: SKIPPING / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 58’’
Work synopsis:
The rope’s jump: a children’s game that the body seems to have forgotten …
For old people, body is no longer the vehicle to face the world, but barrier to be overcome to continue to be the world.
The video won the Video Award Francesco Pasinetti 2009, Venice, Italy.
It has been quoted and represents the theme of the book “Young told the elders” ed.Cafoscarina 2010, written by Rita Cavigioli.
• Filippo Berta
Filippo Berta was born in Bergamo on 24.01.1977. He lives and works in Bergamo and Milan.
In 2008, he was amongst the winners of the International Performance Prize at its Fourth Staging at the “Galleria Civica” in Trento, curated by Fabio Cavallucci. The following are amongst his best-known works: in 2010, a solo exhibition entitled Eliseo Cannone Alessandro Peicioli Greta Agresti Anna Coppola at the Placentia Art Gallery, Piacenza, Italy, curated by Alessandra Pioselli; in 2009, a solo exhibition entitled Assenze at the NT Gallery, Bologna, Italy; in 2009, curated by Fabiola Naldi, a collective exhibition entitled F.A.B.S. Four italian Artists @ the national Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu at the Brukenthal National Museum of Sibiu, Romania, curated by Eleonora Farina; and in 2008, a collective exhibition entitled Same Democracy at the Galleria Neon, Bologna, Italy, curated by Elvira Vannini and Marinella Paderni. In 2009 he took part in the artists in residence event at the Fondazione Spinola Banna, Poirino, Italy, and in 2010 the artists residence Fondazione March and Lago Sudio, Padova. Between 2006 and 2008, he collaborated with other artists to create such projects as: Cuns – BR Gallery with the artist Stefano Romano(a reflection on the system of art) and Arte e Luogo with the artist Salvatore falci (Art and Place), an intercultural project in Cameroon.
Video Title: Territories / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 2’ 25’’
Work synopsis:
Standing in an area covered in gravel, a number of people are required to make the same movement: to delineate a personal barrier with their feet. Everyone is expected to mark off his own territory, regardless of the presence of the others. The act of establishing one’s own territory in a common space represents the definition of oneself in social relationships. The deeper someone digs into the gravel with his foot, the more defined the border of his territory becomes. The size and shape of the single space become the visible metaphor for the individual personality. Defining oneself becomes a struggle between the colonizers and the colonized, which shows itself in the various interactions between the people involved. Satisfying one’s own need for territory involves invading and occupying the space of others or, conversely, not attempting to define a precise shape but occupying as much space as possible while avoiding the others. The dust rising up from the moving feet and the noise of digging into the gravel complete the impression of a hard struggle.
• Francesca Romana Pinzari
Francesca Romana Pinzari was born in Perth (Western Australia)in 1976, she moved to Italy at the age of four. She studied in Rome at the Academy of Fine Arts and got her degree with honours.
Now she lives and works in Rome.
She started her career as a figurative painter in 2001 right after her degree than she started experimentations with other materials and different media like video art, performances and installations. All her production has a personal approach, she usually is director and actress-performer in her videos.
Selected shows: 2010: ADD Festival, Video art Festival at Palazzo Incontro, Roma curated by Giorgia Terrinoni, Celeste prize, finalist exhibition in Catania, curators: Gabi Scardi and Giulia Draganovich, Expectations, group show in New York, curated by Manon Slome and Julian Navarro , 2009 I ain’t superstitiuos installation and performance , Arte Moderna e Contemporanea dell’Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane, Le Torri di Bagnara (Perugia), 2008 M+F la complementarietà degli opposti, Artsinergy, Palermo curated byi Gianluca Marziani, Invisibile/indelebile, double show with Erica Campanella, galleria 196 Rome, curated by Micol Di Veroli, 2006: Paper Boundaries, at The Sydney Artworld Gallery, Sydney
Video Title: I ain’t superstitious / Year of production: 2009 / Duration: 5,37
Work synopsis:
This video was made after the realization of a site specific installation and performance. In a church in Umbria. A bride dressed with old newspapers gets into the church. she is alone none will take her to the altar and none is waiting for her. Concentrated and secure she starts walking on the mirrors that substitute the carpet on her way to the altar crashing them under her high heel shoes.
The title “I ain’t superstitious” (as the blues song) is ironic. Everything is about culture, religion, tradition and superstition. Our society is suffering of identity crisis. we are not able anymore to recognize our own roots and culture, and often we look for more exotic foreign style of life and philosophy. We need sometimes to crash our traditions but doing it without recognizing our origins can be dangerous, and we might crash ourselves, as the bride in the video that is crashing not only the mirrors but her own image reflected under her feet.
• Girolamo Marri
Girolamo Marri was born in Rome, He has been living for a while in Brussels – where he studied illustration at the Institute St. Luc – Then he had moved to London, where he studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of the Arts. Currently he lives and works in Shanghai.
Selected relevant shows and appearances:
2010 Untitled, Paratissima, Turin, Italy,
Learning from the Literati, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
2009 Chongqing Youth Art Biennale, Chongqing exhibition Center, Chongqing, China,
Dependtendency, Certosa island, Venice,
2008 Intrude: Art and Life 366, Shanghai Zendai MoMA, Shanghai,
Coffee Machines and Tea Cups, offiCina, Factory 798, Beijing,
Iceberg Enters Obelisk, Whitechapel Gallery, London
2007 Magical Thinking, Elevator Gallery, London
2006 Futuremap, Davies St Gallery, London,
Self – Space, Air Video, Stoke-on-Trent, UK,
Degree Show, Central Saint Martins College of the Arts, London.
Video Title: Opinions in Shanghai / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 08.08
Work synopsis:
The work consists of 28 interviews shot with passers by in a middle class area of Shanghai, China, in September 2010. It suffers from an evident lack of communication, a lack of real interest, the lack of a real microphone, and from acute difference. Just like almost every other attempt. What else is there to say about a work where nothing is said? It is a work that asks not to talk rather than pretending there is something to say.
Cinematography: Stefano Fusi
Photographs: Daniele Mattioli
• Sabrina Muzi
Sabrina Muzi lives in Bologna (Italy), she works with performance, installation, video, photography, and her research is focuses around themes relating to the body and its connections with the social and natural environment, creating images and situations that lead the viewer to an empathic and emotional involvement.
She has took part to several collective and solo exhibitions and Video Festival around the world. In 2007 she is invited at “IASK-Changdong Art Studio” the Internation Residency Program of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul.
Last events and invitations: in 2008, Progetto Container osservatorio-laboratorio mobile di arte pubblica, where she creates a public art event in the city of Bologna. In 2009, natural_mente, Roccagloriosa Art Residency, Parco del Cilento, Italy; She Devil on tour, MNAC National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest. In 2010: Il corpo violato #1: Linguaggio della violenza-Violenza del linguaggio,performance, Teatro Espace, Turin; Flashforward, [.box] Project Space Opening, Milan; Natura Cultura, Chiesa di Santa Maria de’ Armenis, Matera; Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, Ukraine, Kiev (in september) and Centre Culturel Français de Oran, Algeria (in october).
In the Fall of 2010 she is invited to spend three months at the 943 Studio Residency Program, in Kunming, China, where she realized a new body of work exhibited at the Yunnan University Art Museum in December 2010.
Video Title: Torture#2 / Year of production: 2001 / Duration: 4’
Work synopsis:
Torture#2 is a part of a project, called Tortures, composed by three video that proposes three types of imposition/resistance. The repression of the freedom of expression, cultural and personal identity is still the limit which human beings have to answer to on a daily basis in the search for a way to live together. The occupation of the territory to affirm the growing power generates the lack of other geographical and cultural identity and is the main cause of conflicts between people. Carve out a “space” for oneself is the urgency that impels us to resist to any abuse.
• Amrit Sapkota
Video Title: Cycle of dream / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 2’ 59”
Work synopsis:
• Ashmina Ranjit
Video Title: / Year of production: / Duration:
Work synopsis:
• Bikash Shrestha
Video Title: Identity / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 1’ 28”
Work synopsis:
Human and the human behavior has been the subject of great interest for me. From improving my drawing skill doing many sketches of human life to the painting and other reading that i do is mostly related to humankind. As myself is one of them.
The Human being is the most beautiful creature ever created physically, mentally and emotionally on the one hand on the other hand we see the evil part here and there. I wonder this is the same individual who can be cruel as demon and, kind and peace as Buddha.
In this short animation I have used a children puzzle blocks that make up the human and changes to the different form of the animal (cow, bulls) and skull that represent the animal that is in the human which comes out as a result of anger, frustration and finally the death which is the real truth saying let’s act human.
• Jupiter Pradhan
Jupiter Pradhan (jupy) is a Dynamic young artist Working in various medium. He was born on 7th Sep. 1977 in Kthamndu. He masters degree in M.F.A, (Print Making from University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He took part in numerous National and International exhibitions, workshops and residencies. He is a founder Trustee of Space A and working for the development of alternative art practice in Nepal.
Video Title: Mr. Camel / Year of production: 2011 / Duration: 3’ 17”
Work synopsis:
We have been independent form the very begging. Now in present we are being affected by external interfere, and all our social, cultural, economical and political sectors are affected by it.
We have to stop these kinds of interfere to get independence once gain.
• Manish Lal Shrestha
Video Title: Stop, see & self realization / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 2’ 18”
Work synopsis:
• Mekh Limbu
Mekh Limbu is a dynamic artist Working in various medium. He was educated mainly at Art Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. He holds Bachelor degree in painting. He has won many awards including ‘Prashant talent scholarship’ from the Prashant memorial society. He took part in numerous National and International exhibitions. He has exhibited Solo exhibitions entitled ‘Perception’ at sirjana contemporary art gallery. He has attended different national and international workshop. He has worked as 2d animator and book illustrator.
Video Title: Pre-concept / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 2’ 45”
Work synopsis:
I try to find different media to explore ideas as well as experimenting to know understanding of context. I have been willing to appreciate different aspect of interpretation because I want to know background of reality.
First experience for me to articulate ideas on new media (Video). I got chance to know video art through short video art workshop. I have tried to focus pre-conception on video. Especially, I have show concept on video, how take place the pre-conception in mind and what we expect result? Result might be anything.
Human beings make concept before he does work anything, but consequences might be anything, but that is process of thinking or developing. Human mind or human being is amazing. He has got mind as well as emotion, memory, sensation, perception, intelligence as well as background of developing process etc. He imagines and guesses. Thinking is complex mental process, mental exploration. Concepts depend on past experience, learning process, perception and intellectual capacity. Pre concept develops among stimulus, concept and hypothesis. How he passed past life (experience, background) that is important part for concept making process. Human beings entirely perceive circumstances before thinking. He understands co- relation each other as well as tries to solve the problems. Thinking is totally mental behavior process. Human psychology is complex to understand but we guess. So, how we can analyze condition of human different thinking process? Maybe, we should be observe background of condition and current moment
• Saurganga Darshandhari
Saurganga Darshandhari is a Dynamic artist Working in various medium like short video, print, painting, performance, installetion, image manipulation etc. She was born on 23rd May, 1980 in Kthamndu. Ms. Darshandhari was educated mainly at Lalitkala Collage, Fine Art Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. She holds Bachelor degree in painting. Likewise, She holds master degree in M.F.A, (Print Making from University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has won many awards including Best Media Award, University of Development Alternative from Bangladesh. She took part in numerous National and International exhibitions. She has exhibited Solo exhibitions entitled A print maker’s feelings. Currently she is a Part time teacher at Print-making Department, Fine Art College, Tribhuvan University. She has attended different national and international workshop. She is a founder member of BINDU.
Video Title: Time Line / Year of production: 2010 / Duration: 2′
Work synopsis:
I’m trying to show truth and same moment showing their image in the mirror and disappear. Human being always wants to make our present for tomorrow but forget the past. Human are natural but they are living on material world. The truth is coming toward as a reality and its image is going backward as a dream. We can think for future but cannot hold today for past.
• Sushma Sakya
Sushma Shakya was born on Nakabahil,Lalitpur, Nepal. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. Likewise, she has completed A Level art course (GCE Advanced Supplementary Art and Design) from University of Cambridge, 2001 (A Grade) She has also completed Diploma in Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialization: Advanced Painting, 2007 (Distinction) from Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. Her Professional Work Experiences includes teaching and illustrator. Ms. Shakya has attended many national and international groups workshops including solo exhibition on 2007 titled “Fragmented Memories”, Baryo Fiesta, Naxal, Kathmandu . She has completed One year residency program sponsored by Australian Himalayan Art Foundation. She is lecturer at Kathmandu University, Centre for Art and Design, Mandikhatar, Kathmandu from August 2007 till today.
Video Title: ENSLAVEMENT / Year of production: 2010 / Duration:
Work synopsis:
Nepali people have been suffering from load shedding for a few years. Consciously or unconsciously, they try to store energy during available of electricity so that they can use it in load shedding time. Eventually it has resulted in the requirement of more sockets for every plug where in the past one socket in each room was quite enough. This is all due to our dependency on technologies to accomplish our day to day task and responsibilities.