Starting Date : 2009-01-13

Time : 3 pm to 6pm

Venue : Hotel Manang, Thamel, Kathmandu

On 13th day of January 2009, SPACE A, for alternative art practice, organized 1st International Video Art Show in the heart of Kathmandu City at Hotel Manang, Thamel (highly busy tourist area of the country). The show was held at free of cost on an open invitation to selected group like Artists, Teachers, Students, and Journalist. The show was segmented nation wise artist’s video. The show started at 15:30 hrs (LT) with the videos created by Bangladeshi Artists, in a line up as follow:
1. Tele attraction (9:29) by Monjurul Haque,
2. Framing (10:08) by Hassan Zafrul Bipul,
3. Circle of view (8:45) by Shila Esha Jabin,
4. Stay in touch (7:15) by Saiful Islam Jarnal,
5. Hoxto (6:33) by Gautam,
6. Childhood (1:31) by Shawan,
7. Story teller (1:31) &
8. Oh! Dream (2:30) by Rahul Anand
9. Charak (21:00) by Apurva Kauti Das,
altogether nine videos by eight Bangladeshi Artists. Then came Nepali Session, in which the videos were as follow:
1. Rhythm (1:21) by Saurganga Darshandhari,
2. Samaya (2:01) by Sunita Rana,
3. Last day (2:52) by Manish Lal Shrestha,
4. My Lord (1:55) by Jupiter Pradhan,
5. Let me be myself (3:30),
6. Invasion (3:00), &
7. The Body Exualtant (5:47) by Ashmina Ranjit,
altogether seven videos by five Nepali Artists. The first half of the show was over followed by fifteen minute coffee break. The opener of the second half was Thailand with 8 Thai video arts followed by video art from Austria & UK.