Starting Date : 2021-03-01

Ending Date : 2021-03-31

Venue : Space A

Space A fellowship is one of the initiations of Space A to promote and support Nepali art/culture and Nepali young artists by providing a month-long residency fellowship.

Amshad Sunuwar, Contemporary Visual Artist from Ramechhap, Janakpur, Nepal.

The familiar feeling brought by alienated objects from my culture brought me to the BFA project “Excavating Untold Stories”, where I highlighted the objects marked by age with gold color. The journey of excavating stories subconsciously started after I witnessed the traditional objects brought from the village.

Sympathy toward our traditional object brought me to a NEDNEP project- “Aakhijhyal”, where I got a chance to work with Eva Mahhov from Estonia. During this project I learned about the changes in humans is inevitable as well as in objects too. And sometimes we become weak and could not protect what is important for us and for the upcoming generation due to other basic needs.

The journey that I started with the traditional objects is still incomplete. So, after graduating from Kathmandu University School of Arts Department of Art and Design I want to excavate more stories of traditional objects through my artistic invention in Space A.


Pemba Gurung, Traditional Thanka Artist from Kagbeni, Mustang Nepal

To work hard and smartly with full determination and commitment for the achievement of organization objectives and enhance my working capacities, professional skills, knowledge simultaneously with a learning attitude.




Artist Presentation:

Ang Tsherin Sherpa, Contemporary Artist
Jupiter Pradhan, Interdisciplinary Artist

Neda Haffari

“Commencement” an outcome exhibition
5th -7th April 2021
at Windhorse Gallery, Lalitpur

In association with: