Fabienne Francotte

from Belgium, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka

residency period: September – October

21st Oct to 25th Oct. 2022 at  Patan Museum, Patan, Nepal




Pavithra Parera WJA

from Sri Lanka, based in Amsterdam

Pavithra Perera WJA is an activist, visual artist, a writer from Sri Lanka, living and working in
Amsterdam Netherlands. She is coming from a law educational background and found her creative process to battle traumas of her life. Her art itself moved her further to share her findings, and healing process through a foundation, now she has dedicated her life, to develop in the advocation of human rights, and art and to give a voice, and refuge to more like her. Her passion for art focuses on stories of human beings, social issues brushed under the rug in Asian society. She finds the human face to be the medium that appears on a canvas with a loud voice telling the stories…

30th and 31st October 2022 at Siddhartha Art Gallery (Annex), Kathmandu