Graziano Folata (Italy)

Graziano Folata pursued his studies at the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Throughout his artistic journey, he has actively participated in numerous group exhibitions, showcasing his remarkable talent and distinct vision. His works have been presented in personal exhibitions and received accolades, earning him the opportunity to delve deeper into the dynamics of contemporary art through artist residency projects and scholarships both in Italy and abroad.

As a dedicated visual artist, Folata meticulously explores a diverse range of artistic expressions. His creative repertoire encompasses sculpture, painting, and photography, allowing him to convey his artistic vision through various aesthetic mediums. With a keen eye for detail, he endeavors to capture the multifaceted nature of human existence and the vast wonders of the natural world, seeking to encapsulate the essence of time within his art.

Folata’s artistic process is characterized by a profound study of materials, which plays a crucial role in shaping his work. He embraces the inherent limitations of form and skillfully reconfigures them to manifest brilliant epiphanies within his creations. His art emanates a captivating blend of thoughtful contemplation and inspired innovation, captivating viewers with its evocative imagery.

Overall, Graziano Folata is an accomplished artist whose dedication to his craft and unwavering exploration of various artistic media enables him to weave captivating narratives and transcend conventional boundaries.


Essie Somma (USA)

Residency Period: March to May

Outcome exhibition: Honey Hunters     /   Venue: Siddhartha Art Gallery Annex  / Date: 19th May to 21st May 2023

Artist Presentation: @ Kathmandu University School of Arts / Date:22nd May 2023