Donavon Brutus (USA)

With a background in Fine Arts, and professional experience as an Animator, Illustrator, and Designer, Donavon Brutus creates eye-catching, award-winning Motion Graphics. He specializes in simplifying the complex and finding the beauty in the dull. He enjoys opportunities to work on the subjects of social equity, diversity, mindfulness and the environment.

He loves jazz, yoga and sandwiches, has been to all 7 continents, and won 4 NorCal Emmy® Awards, Nominated for 13 totals over 3 years.

Artist Presentation: @ Kathmandu University School of Arts / Date: 31st March 2023


Essie Somma (USA)

Residency Period: March to May

Essie Somma is an interdisciplinary artist from the United States. She received her bachelors in studio art from the University of California Santa Barbara and continued her studio practice in Portland, Oregon. Essie has been traveling for two years, exploring the fusion of culture, art, and life in different parts of the world. She is currently an artist in residence at Space A in Kathmandu, Nepal.

For the last few years, she has been exploring female representation in popular culture. While living in the United States, her work was politically motivated. She always felt it was too serious, and focused on what was wrong rather than what was right. Since she began traveling full-time, she has become more interested in the humanity within representation. She is curious about how women move forward, exercise autonomy, and express joy.

Her paintings are based on photographs she has taken of figures, fabric, and textures. She uses intricate patterns and bright colors to create whimsical compositions that convey a sense of dreamy confidence.

Outcome exhibition: Honey Hunters     /   Venue: Siddhartha Art Gallery Annex  / Date: 19th May to 21st May 2023

Artist Presentation: @ Kathmandu University School of Arts / Date:22nd May 2023