Huang Coco (Visual Artist, Taiwan)


Two of her worlds have recently come together in unexpected ways: her art and her yoga practice. Her art is inspired by her reverence for nature and her admiration of the unique emotions that make us human. The focal points of her work feature the exploration of joy, grief, uncertainty, gratification, and the search for meaning.

She urges her audience to reflect. She encourages them to become aware of their body, connect to their innermost feelings, and contemplate their identity within the community. She incorporates cultural and spiritual motifs in some of her work such as the ongoing Mandala series. She creates art in the hopes of inspiring viewers to be the most authentic version of themselves and to live their lives with creativity.

Everyday Mandala, Inspired by the daily lives of Kathmandu
An outcome exhibition and Performance
Venue: coffee, Bouddha, Kathmandu
Date: 26th June 2022

Meditative Mandala Workshop
Venue: AVATA
Date: 18th June, Saturday


Lulu (Lucie DERDOUR, Brussels based Theater artist from France)

She started her first shows at the age of 7 when playing became a way of expressing herself and telling stories. Her father passed on to her his passion for art and stimulated her creative side: music theory lessons, piano, dance, and drawing (Paris 1992).

In the process of telling tales and beginning the narration through dramaturgy; she sees a universe that is poetically transmitted through the voice and the body. It is from there that the theatre of gesture and oral transmission became a revelation. Her mother, an Iyengar yoga teacher, shaped her learning by inspiring her to teach movement.

She obtained a Baccalaureate in Applied Arts (Lycée Saint-Géraud 2004/2007) which introduced her to new graphic, visual and audio-visual techniques. In 2016, she discovered and participated in the International Festival of “Street Theatre” in Aurillac.

In 2012, she followed a two-year training course at the Lassâad International Theatre School. She joined the company le Bus (2015), and she participated in the adaptation of “La mastication des morts” by Patrick Karmann.

In 2016, she moved to Berlin. she learn German and get familiar with a new culture. Still, in movement theatre, she discovers more deeply the world of silence and pantomime. During two years trained by Jörg Brennecke, and documented by the mime Zentrum of Berlin, she learned the basics of body mime from Etienne Decroux. She create pantomime solos (Der Vogel at Theater HausMitte- Berlin).

She currently lives in Brussels, continuing her research on movement. She is constantly training and continuing her adventure in various artistic and theatrical forms so that one day she can pass on her work. Today, she is opening a space in Brussels with a collective of 10 artists where they give the opportunity to all artists from different universes to practice, exhibit, and perform in front of an audience.


The Dialogue between Mime and Deuda (directed by Lulu Derdour)
Workshop with the students of Mandala Theater: from 6th June to 12 June
Final performance: 13th June 2022
Mandala Theater, Kathmandu


  Residency period: April to June 2022


A day-long workshop @ space a: