An outcome exhibition of KIAR-2022 Sep.-Oct.

By Fabienne Francotte

Visual artist, Based in Sri Lanka, From Belgium

Venue Patan Museum, Patan, Nepal

Date: 21st Oct to 25th Oct. 2022

In this new body of work created in Kathmandu, the artist presents a captivating collection of 100 postcards that draw inspiration from the city’s built environment and the serene atmosphere it holds. From the intricately designed temples lining narrow streets to the resonating melodies of bronze bowls, temple bells, and prayers, the artist encapsulates these elements in her artwork, creating a visual map of her encounters.

Entitled “The Clay,” this series showcases captivating hand sculptures, a continuation of the artist’s exploration of the “Dismembered Deities” displayed at the Patan Museum. These sculptures depict a total of 102 arms, which were once part of the Struts from the Harishankara and Char Narayana Temples. Using raw clay, the artist skillfully portrays the hands of the Nepalese people residing in Lalitpur. Through these pieces, she encourages deep reflection on the essence of being human—the fragility, resilience, and transient nature of our existence. By offering insights into the realms of both the sacred and the profane, her artwork invites contemplation and introspection.