Video Installation workshop


Video installation is a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art, making use of all aspects of the surrounding environment to affect the audience. Tracing its origins to the birth of video art in the 1970s, it has increased in popularity as digital video production technology has become more readily accessible. Today, video installation is ubiquitous and visible in a range of environments—from galleries and museums to an expanded field that includes site-specific work in urban or industrial landscapes. Popular formats include monitor work, projection, and performance.

“Contemplation” video installation workshop is the initiation of  Bastukala and other creative art Dpt,NAFA  and Space A.


  • To disseminate contemporary arts practice of experimental and innovative nature to the young artists.
  • To encourage youth in practicing different form of art, which can bring positive changes in the society.
  • To introduce new contemporary art trend and encourage youth toshare, learn and collaborate their ideas and concept. Creator can interact through this which will create platform for creative dialogue and platform for exchange and critical discourse.
  • To assist and develop, forms of visual art.
  • To explore the possibilities of exchanging ideas and knowledge across ethnic, regional and artistic borders.
  • To actively assist, develop and promote new, investigative, and experimental art practices.
  • To support emerging artists.


Workshop date:

10-12 December 2021

Venue: NAFA, Naxal

Eligibility of application:
Nepali Young artists below 35  ( priority for an artist with Bachelors degree or Master degree  running)
Application Dateline: 25th November 2021
Selection process: by selecting committee (10 participants)
Announcement of selection: 1 December 2021

Requirement application:
1. Application form
2. Portfolio with max. 10 photos of work
3. CV
4. Short Artist Statement (200 words max.)
5. Passport size photo of the artist

Application: Email

Please send your application to


Bastukala and other creative art Dpt, NAFA

Space A, for interdisciplinary art practice

download application form